MagicNeko Network - AS4201270008/AS4242421025

A peer-to-peer experiment network from BGP experiment.

What is MagicNeko Network project?

This network is only suitable for BGP peer-to-peer interconnection experiments and exchanges. It provides network access services to Neonetwork and DN42 communities, and does not guarantee any quality (NO SLA)

What needs to be done before peering?

1.Please provide the type of community service needed (Neo / DN42)

2.Your ASN number, and the ipv4 / v6 address you want to use for peer-to-peer interconnection

3.Node area where you want to make peer connection (marked below)

4.The type of service you want, (will be introduced below)

5.Currently accepted peer-to-peer connection: GRE / Wireguard / Tinc (pre)

service type

1. Customer, receive the customer's ip routing information, and deliver all community routing information to the customer

2 Peer users, receive the routing information of the ip held by the peer user, and deliver MagicNeko's own ip routing information (they will be distributed according to different ASN access, for example: neo community users only receive the routing information of Neo, DN42 (Community users only receive routing information issued by DN42)

2.1 Neo routing information: (4201270008/4201270005)

2.2 DN42 routing information: (4242421025)

3 Upstream, I will receive all upstream routing information (not including MagicNeko Network itself) and deliver all other user routing information to upstream

4.To be determined


MagicNeko Network (AS4201270008/AS4242421025) has an open peering policy.

Please note that 4201270008 only serves NeoNetwork community members and 4242421025 only serves DN42 community members

Point of Presences(NeoNetwork)

Location Port Speed IX IP
Tokyo, JP 100Mbps
Hong Kong 100Mbps
Russia, Khabarovsk 1Gbps
United Kingdom 100Mbps Septs Neo-Network IX

Point of Presences(DN42)

Location Port Speed IX IP
Tokyo, JP 100Mbps
Hong Kong 100Mbps
United Kingdom 100Mbps

Internet Exchange Points

IXP Port Speed IPv4 IPv6
Septs Neo-Network IX 100Mbps fd10:127:41:0:10:127:41:2